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Mashie and FoodIt merge

21 August 2018

Mashie and FoodIt merge and form the next generation foodtech company

Mashie and FoodIt merge. The aim with the merger is to jointly develop the industry and the next generation business system for large scale kitchens and restaurants in the public and private sectors. We want to gather industry specialists and technical skills together to provide opportunities for succesful kitchens in Scandinavia.


The overall purpose with the merger is our joint responsibility and interest to provide optimal food for everyone. The market for business systems for large scale kitchens and restaurants is limited in Sweden and there has been few suppliers that have been able to compete with continious investments in new functional requirements in combination with high pressure on price. The combination has provided Sweden with feature-rich systems, but with a constantly reduced space for innovation and development of the next-generation platform.
“Our systems support very important social functions; preschools, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and defense. Here we want to take a shared responsibility to equip Sweden with new concepts, systems and services for the future and for a sustainable society”
Per – Anders Ek, CEO FoodIt AB
When it comes to the future, no products, either Mashie or Matilda, will be phased out, they will be developed at the rate of the market and together will we focus our skills on creating the future’s concept, product and offers based on our joint experiences. At the same time we are developing the next generation platform.
For the companies and food organizations that use our systems today, no significant differences will be noted. You call the same support number, talk to the same support staff and have the same contact person as before.
– “We strongly believe that a joint vision to create the future together, will facilitate the process of integrating the two companies and create security on the market.” Fabian Hagman, CEO Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB


For questions about the merger please contact Fabian Hagman, CEO Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB. Phone 0736 87 92 00 or email

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