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Mashie Foodtech Solutions and DKAB Service merge

6 July 2019

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the merger of Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB and DKAB Service AB. The move will strengthen our combined offer and enable us to support the entire meal production process in large-scale kitchens and restaurants.

For our customers, that means end-to-end operational and strategic support, from high-volume meal planning and production to smarter procurement and spend analysis. DKAB, with its most successful product Hantera livs, will complement our existing IT solutions Matilda, Mashie and Aivo. By joining forces, we’re giving our customers more power to reach their health and sustainability goals in line with the 2030 Agenda.

Our two companies are deeply invested in providing the right food for everyone. Our systems support important social functions like preschools, schools, hospitals and elderly homes, so we feel a shared responsibility to equip Scandinavian countries with new concepts, services and system solutions for a sustainable future.

“We now tie together the whole circle in the food production process, to better support our customers both operationally and strategically. Improving public health and the environment are extremely important missions, and we’re committed to making our contribution. We’re honoured that our IT solutions will help our customers achieve the 2030 Agenda.” – Erik Bergseth, CEO Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB

As demonstrated by the Swedish National Food Agency model for the meal process (Livsmedelsverket, 2015, Sjukhusmåltiden – en viktig del av vården), it all starts with sourcing and ends with spend analysis. This merger equips us to complete the circle, combining Hantera livs with the food planning IT systems Matilda and Mashie.

“I strongly believe in our merger with Mashie. It gives us the opportunity to help our customers throughout the food production process with an end-to-end solution. Together, an exciting future awaits us.” – Bengt Dalesjö, CEO DKAB Service AB

If you have any questions about the merger, please contact Erik Bergseth, CEO Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB on

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