Build data and best practices into your processes

Where do we add value?

Learning and support isn’t a one-way street in the Monterro world. When operational excellence is achieved in one company, it raises everyone’s game.

Business intelligence

We set up data analysis and reporting standards, to enhance business intelligence and decision making.

KPI benchmarking

Our portfolio companies share key characteristics like size and geography, so they gain access to highly relevant benchmarks.

Monterro Management Network

In the Monterro portfolio, the network effect is real. All companies, and the individuals in them, benefit from this forum for learning.

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"Discussing ideas and challenges with Monterro’s experienced team has been very valuable to Axiomatics." Åsa Lidwall, CFO Axiomatics
“Monterro understands and has excellent knowledge of what is required to scale a software company” Mats Lillienberg, CEO Itello