Monterro is a hands-on growth investor.

We turn Nordic software companies into global players.

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What we do and don’t do

Monterro invests in and develops software companies. That’s it. We’re proud of our niche focus: what we don’t do is just as important as what we do.


We invest in software.

We don’t plan to diversify.


We come from operations.

We are not bankers.


We invest our own money.

We don’t only rely on others’ capital.

Learn more about how – and why – we do it.

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Our companies

Stockholm-based Monterro targets software companies in the Nordic region.

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"Facing a double challenge of merging two market leading competitors and growing in the Nordic markets, Monterro's guidance and belief in our business has been essential" Anna Hällström, CFO Mashie
"Positive energy and concrete tools for continued growth are what we value most about our relationship with Monterro." Anna Svanberg, VP Test & Support Itello
"Discussing ideas and challenges with Monterro’s experienced team has been very valuable to Axiomatics." Åsa Lidwall, CFO Axiomatics
"After meeting 25 different private equity companies, we met one that truly understood the dynamics of a software company, it was Monterro." Erik Syrén, CEO Lime
"The Monterro team and I go back 7 years, they are a great team providing true support to us in management." Martin Henricson, CEO Outpost24
"Our transition from an up-front to subscription model was swift and successful thanks to Monterro’s know-how." Magnus Hansson, CFO Lime
“Monterro understands and has excellent knowledge of what is required to scale a software company” Mats Lillienberg, CEO Itello
“The Monterro team has valuable knowledge, experience and dedication that energizes both me personally and our business” Mikael Stern, CFO Hypergene
"Monterro's strategic knowledge and support helps us to grow and develop as a company" Sylvia Andersson, CFO Palette Software
"Monterro has a genuine interest in developing our products, and has been highly active in taking Grade to its current market position." Rickard Kajson, CEO Grade
"Through Monterro’s network we get access to the competence and contacts that truly make a difference in developing our company on both strategic and operational level." Per Hidenius, CEO Hypergene
"We have been able to broaden our network through the Monterro team and connect with other companies who share similar opportunities and challenges." Nils Olsson, VP Sales Lime
"With Monterro, we have gained strategic guidance based on a thorough understanding of our market." Niklas Jakobsson, CEO Axiomatics
“Monterro showed at the first meeting that they understood both the software industry and our product. We are looking forward to continuing our rapid growth and developing the product and company together with Monterro” Anders Jacobson, Founder Nordiska Entreprenadsystem
“In addition to invaluable help in add-on acquisitions, Monterro has provided us with great support in operational areas like customer experience, product strategy, and recruitment.”Erik BergsethErik Bergseth, CEO Mashie