Who we are

Monterro is not your typical investment firm

Venture and private equity firms are great with numbers, but they usually lack operational experience. Monterro has both covered.

Monterro combines entrepreneurial spirit, business experience and personal networks to support the management teams it partners with.

Based in Stockholm, Monterro is a hand-on growth investor targeting software companies in the Nordic region. Unlike other firms, who only invest other people’s money, the Monterro partners have a personal stake in each and every investment. We have skin in the game.

The partners are united by successful track records and long friendships. Before founding Monterro in 2012, we worked together for many years, building and managing tech businesses – hence the hands-on approach to investment.

Most of the partners at Monterro are operations people at heart. They’ve spent their entire careers in the software business, at companies like Pointsec, Episerver and Orc Software. Our partners also have deep experience in Monterro’s tech-finance sweet spot, having worked as top-ranked tech analysts at firms like SEB Enskilda and in corporate finance.

Some facts


SEK billion under management


of capital from the Monterro team


platform investments


add-on acquisitions

Together, we bring a combination of clear vision, unique operational experience, strategic know-how and strong financial expertise to every investment.

The partners’ hands-on involvement allows Monterro to actively support every investment, and to innovate in ways other firms cannot.

Today, Monterro manages three funds, with a combined SEK 4.3 billion under management. And with 30% of that capital coming from the partners’ own pockets, our personal interests align with the interests of the entrepreneurs and investors.

Unlike other firms, who only invest other people’s money, our partners have a personal stake in each and every investment. We have skin in the game.

Our Team



Thomas Bill

M.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering, KTH

Thomas has held a number of senior positions in the software industry, including Global VP Sales and COO of Front Capital Systems, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies, and CEO of Protect Data and Orc Software.

He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Hypergene, Palette, Specops, and a board member of Grade, Mashie, Outpost24, Itello and Viedoc. Founder of Monterro.

Peter Larsson

B.Sc. Data and Systems Science, Stockholm University

Peter has held a number of senior positions in the software industry, including CTO of Front Capital Systems, CEO of Protect Data and Episerver, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies and board member of IAR Systems.

He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Outpost24, Itello, Viedoc, and a board member of Palette and NEXT. Founder of Monterro.

Gustav Lagercrantz

CEO and Operations


Gustav has over 20 years of experience in the software industry as innovator, entrepreneur, investor and senior executive. Previous positions include founder and CEO of Netstar, COO and VP Sales at Episerver, founder of Trive and co-founder of Wiraya.

He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Wiraya, Axiomatics, Mashie, NEXT, and a board member of Hypergene and Specops.

Per Ivansson

M.Sc. Computer Science, Stockholm University

Per has over 20 years of experience in the software industry as a senior executive. Previous positions includes SVP, Global CTO and Managing Director EMEA at Episerver.

He is currently a board member of Palette, NEXT, Hypergene, Specops and Viedoc.

Fabian Folcker

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH

Fabian has six years of management consulting experience from Bain & Company and BearingPoint, where his primary focus areas were operations and private equity.

Fabian is responsible for commercial due diligence processes and operational excellence programs across the portfolio. He is currently a board member of Grade and Axiomatics.

Johan Redtzer

Talent Management

Johan has 20 years of experience in executive search across Europe, primarily for the technology sector and Fortune 100 companies as well as high-growth technology start-ups. He is the former founder and MD of Head Executive Search (acquired by Penna Plc), Penna Spain and Cross Executive Search.

At Monterro Johan focus on Talent and assists the portfolio companies with senior recruitments and Talent Management matters.

Pauline Daremark

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management, Chalmers University of Technology

Pauline has three years of experience from management consulting at Boston Consulting Group and business analytics at Cabonline. Her responsibilities at Cabonline included analytics, business intelligence, product management and business development.

At Monterro, Pauline supports the portfolio companies in operational excellence programs and works with business intelligence and data analysis.



Lars Sveder

M.Sc. Mathematics Economics, University of Karlstad

Lars was a first-ranked tech analyst for six years at Skandia, Nordea and SEB Enskilda and has worked with corporate finance at HDR Partners. Founder of Monterro.

David Kuritzén

M.Sc. Economics and Business, SSE

David has worked with corporate finance for seven years at HDR Partners, where he focused on private M&A, primarily working with fast growing entrepreneurial companies.

At Monterro, David’s responsibilities cover sourcing new platform investments and assisting portfolio companies with add-on acquisitions.

Adam Prinselaar

Adam has 2 years of experience from leveraged finance at Danske Bank, where he worked with debt financing of private equity transactions.

At Monterro, Adam assists in the sourcing process of new platform investments and add-on acquisitions to portfolio companies.

Legal, finance and administration

Peter Bergson

General Counsel

Degree of Master of Laws LL.M., University of Uppsala
Peter has served in private practice but mainly held senior positions in private and public IT companies including Legal Director in Sun Microsystems and General Counsel in Orc Software, Bisnode and Fingerprint Cards.

Peter is currently the General Counsel of Monterro.

Madelene Magnusson

Madelene has worked with corporate relations at SEB Enskilda and Handelsbanken Capital Markets and as a team assistant at Asia Growth Investors and East Capital.

Anja Wik

Chief Financial Officer

Anja has 10+ years of experience from accounting and controlling with a demonstrated history of working in the private equity industry from Summa Equity and Nordic Capital. Her expertise covers accounting as well as fund structure and finance.

Anja is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Monterro with responsibility for internal reporting and fund finance.