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Take advantage of our extensive product and tech experience from the software industry.

Whether it's finding software engineers, setting a product strategy, building product roadmaps or transforming your on-prem solution to SaaS, we've got it covered.

Scandinavian Software Park by Monterro

Finding software engineers is often a bottleneck for software companies going through growth. That’s why we’ve created Scandinavian Software Park in Hanoi, Vietnam. The park is founded by Monterro to support our portfolio companies with qualified engineers. Monterro takes care of recruitments, administration and venues. The engineers are employed by Monterro’s portfolio companies and are part of their existing development teams.

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    With the support from Scandinavian Software Park we could quickly expand our engineering team. Their help with recruitment and administration has been very valuable, and our new engineers were up and running in a couple of weeks.

    Andreas Werner, CTO, Trapets

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Product strategy support

Product development is fundamental for growth, and Monterro supports you on the journey to improve your existing products and launch new ones.

Our know-how is particularly useful if you’ve scaled quickly and need to professionalise your product management and development. It’ll help you prioritize your product roadmap and roll out new functionalities faster.

Transforming your on-prem solution to SaaS?

If you were to reboot your software company from scratch today, it probably goes without saying that you’d set up as a SaaS company. But if your business has been running for several years, most of your code has likely been written for on-premises environments. Which means a move to SaaS has a heap of challenges you need to navigate. And without an experienced partner, it’s easy to get lost.
We’ve worked with many companies that have pictured a simpler, more profitable future with SaaS, and we’ve helped them get there.

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