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M.Fusion - Acquisitions


There are a number of reasons that SaaS companies look to acquisitions to grow their business (and we’ve seen them all).

You might want to strengthen your market position, increase the size of your company, extend your offering, access new markets, or augment your pricing power and end up with a higher valuation.


But whatever your reasons, acquisitions can be a key part of a growth strategy with gumption. If you want to know how to get this right, we’ve got the answer.  We’ll support you throughout the add-on acquisition process: from sourcing targets to financing transactions.

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Defining your acquisition strategy

The software industry is rich with potential acquisitions. But the horror stories are never far away, either.

At Monterro, we have a track record of crafting success in this tricky field. And the baseline always starts with a thorough analysis of your priorities.

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    Facing a double challenge of merging two market leading competitors and growing in the Nordic markets, Monterro's guidance and belief in our business has been essential.

    Anna Hällström, CFO, Matilda Foodtech

Simply put, we’ll help you do your homework as well as the hard work:


Scoping out target companies – Not certain on what your leads should look like? We can help you build an appropriate shortlist of targets – ordered by priority. We’ll even help you get the inside track from specialists in your vertical, their industry connections, and on your potential rivals.


Financial planning and valuation – Even “smaller” acquisitions can have big financial implications. Our rigorous cost assessments have you covered – especially as they include how to approach resourcing from a staffing perspective.


Due diligence – a ‘DD’ process can mean a lot of different things and it’s very easy to get lost in all the jargon and PowerPoint presentations. We help you cut through the noise and choose the right areas to focus on, help you with the analysis involved, and can help you find experts to support you and nail down the key conclusions. If you’re unsure if an add-on is the right one for your product, we can help you find the answer.


More than signatures and box ticking – Getting an acquisition over the line depends on having the right people in place. Once you’re ready to take the plunge, our specialist team will advise on negotiations and oversee all relevant transactions along the way.


Getting it to work together – There’s a lot of potential value in acquisitions, but if you fail to nail the integration phase, the chances of you realising any of those goals is unlikely. We help you set a clear strategy for your integration phase (and make sure it’s done early), so when the deal is closed, we can get right to business.