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M.Fusion - Go-to-Market


Uncertain about your customers’ buying process? You wouldn’t be the first.

In an era defined by hyper-informed customers – and messy, self-led buying journeys – your sales, marketing, and customer success teams have to be in lock-step with one another.


We’ve spent years perfecting this alignment meaning you can look forward to a well-oiled go-to-market machine – armed with best practices for lead generation, sales, KPIs, and strategic verticalization.



Getting lead generation right


In the world of SaaS, it’s not always easy to cut through the noise. And with new companies seemingly springing up every day, it’s only getting harder.

That’s why marketing excellence is increasingly important for stealing a march on your competitors and generating leads, both inbound and outbound.

We can help you with brand positioning, planning and execution of marketing, performance measurement and analytics, as well as your overall marketing strategy.

With customers that are ever more informed and reliant on heavy research before making an approach, it’s more important than ever that your marketing supports the buying journey with inspiring and educational content from day one.



From lead to opportunity to customer


But marketing can do only so much, and a best-in-class marketing department will make little difference if you can’t convert those MQLs into paying customers.


This is where sales excellence comes in. We know this because we have sold a whole lot of software throughout our careers. Which also means we’re well equipped to support you in upgrading your sales efforts. Learn more about sales efficiency.


We can help you with everything from pipeline management to sales execution optimisation. We can also support you with sales performance management to ensure you’re setting the right goals (both short and long-term) and are measuring the right KPIs.


Read more about Sales and Marketing alignment
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Customer success

Ensuring your customers get all the value from your product and stick around


Most Nordic SaaS companies know that customer success is critical to long-term growth.


But few are truly great at it. That’s understandable – it’s a relatively recent discipline and not too long ago, building incredible software was enough to win. Whilst that isn’t the case any more, the good news is, whatever your maturity, customer success is a huge opportunity to deepen your relationships, and to upsell and cross-sell to your existing customer base.


We can help you define the department, map out the processes, build the team, and implement the right metrics for your customer health scorecards.

Download the Customer Success eBook



One size doesn’t always fit all


Choosing who to sell to can be a daunting task. But with a successful verticalization strategy, you can not only focus your sales and marketing efforts, but also ensure that your product is as good as it can be for the customers that matter most.

We can help you draw up a verticalization strategy. This includes helping you identify and select focus verticals, guidance in how to assemble a ‘vertical taskforce’, and best-practices for implementing your strategic across your organisation from marketing to development.

We can also advise you on how to approach each vertical, on what should be standardised, and on where there’s room for customization.



Ace your pricing strategy


In the scale-up phase especially, few things matter more than your pricing strategy.


Getting it right means more than profit. It reflects everything your organisation does. But fear not, we’re old hands at this. Plus, we’re vertical agnostic, so whether your software is focused on sales, science, or something in between, we’ll guide you toward a stellar pricing strategy.


The B2B SaaS guide to pricing
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Business partnerships

Creating win-win situations for mutual growth


Many SaaS businesses rely on partnerships to grow revenue, to expand market reach, to acquire new customers, or to offer implementation and services around their product. But it’s not as simple as picking a partner that you think will most benefit your business.


We can help you:  

    • • Set your partnership strategy and approach
    • • Evaluate potential partners
    • • Develop an understanding of why it needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship
    • • Establish the right KPIs and metrics


Partnerships can be a great way to grow your business and we can help you get them right.

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