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We help leaders lead

Where do we add value?

Our partnerships with the portfolio companies are exactly that – partnerships. We’re there to advise and support managers as they tackle the biggest business challenges.

Competitive advantage

It’s a fundamental question but it’s one of the hardest to answer: What’s your edge? We help you assess your competitors, plan for future trends and disruptions, and position your company for market leadership.

Sales and marketing

When you’re managing pipeline and customer acquisition, there’s no room for broken processes. We help our companies build well-oiled sales and marketing machines with best practices for lead generation, sales, KPIs and strategic verticalization.

Expansion capital and add-on acquisitions

We help our portfolio companies make strategic add-on acquisitions, from sourcing and valuation to due diligence and financing.

International expansion

We don’t just want to help our portfolio companies become market leaders – we want to create global players. We’ve already done it for many of them.

Monterro Management Network

In some ways, the best thing we can do for the managers in our portfolio is to get them together in the same room – to share experiences about the highs and lows of the job, and the lessons learned. That’s what the Monterro Management Network is for.

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Monterro takes Nordic software companies to new markets.

Successful international expansions:


to North America


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to ROW


8 completed add-on investments

"Our transition from an up-front to subscription model was swift and successful thanks to Monterro’s know-how." Magnus Hansson, CFO Lime
"With their software expertise, Monterro has been a great support in transforming our business from On-Premise to a full-scale SaaS solution" Erik Syrén, CEO Lime